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Increase employee engagement and ensure your benefits platform meets the needs of your employees by introducing flexible benefits.

Employer & Employee Choice

Businesses are adopting flexible benefits platforms to meet employee expectations for personalized benefits. Flexbenefits offer advantages to both employers and employees, providing the benefits that matter most to your team, easily and flexibly.

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Employee Benefits

  • More choice of benefits employees can access
  • Employees get to tailor their benefits to better suit them and their family
  • Staff feel more valued and in control
  • Employees get more value and benefit from their employee benefits.

Employer Benefits

  • Increased employee engagement
  • Higher scheme take-up
  • Supports recruitment and staff retention
  • Reward employees more effectively.

Features of FlexBenefits

Promotional Material

As standard we provide all the benefits communications you need to educate employees about their employee benefits and cut through the noise effectively.

A Wide Range Of Benefits

We provide the whole kit and caboodle of employee benefits and our FlexBenefits tech makes introducing and optimising flexible benefits simple and easy.

Continuous Innovation

As we continue to innovate, you’ll get access to all the new features & updates, so your FlexBenefits platform is always up-to-date with changing needs of employees.

Reduced Admin

FlexBenefits tech is designed to allow you to focus on the things that matter most, reducing admin and making processes and procedures seamless.

Advanced Integration

As with all of our benefit platform options, FlexBenefits will integrate seamlessly with your wider benefit processes and HR systems.

Simple & Easy To Manage

WorkMart intuitive FlexBenefits system is designed to be simple, quick and easy to navigate and use for both employers and employees.

Providing A Tailored Solution


No two companies are the same

We offer bespoke solutions for businesses worldwide, including flexible benefits, reward and recognition, and other employee benefits. Contact us to learn how we can tailor a flexible benefits solution for your business and employees.


Get in touch to discuss FlexBenefits further or to request a demo.

Our Best Partners

WorkMart work with a carefully selected team of partners to provide our clients with the very best benefit schemes
and services for their employees.